Application for membership

Membership is free of charge but members are expected to pay their own travel and subsistence costs when attending meetings. Meetings are usually held in London or Bournemouth.

Please note that as the UKNSF advises the UK Government on national policy in the field of nuclear data, membership is limited to representatives from UK organizations only. Its purpose is to discuss nuclear science and nuclear data activities within the framework of international collaboration with the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and IAEA Nuclear Data Section, or the use of such data within the UK. Membership is open to those organisations who have formally accepted the terms and conditions to use the services of the NEA Databank, are members on international bodies involved with nuclear data or related nuclear science such as those convened by the IAEA or NEA, or work for the UK Government or industry. Please state in the justification statement the nature of your involvement. Please note that by completing an application you are allowing the UKNSF to contact your organisation’s NEA liaison officer, if required an official of any named collaboration or other appropriate parties to confirm your suitability for membership. The UKNSF reserves the right to refuse membership to applicants who do not meet these criteria.

This website is managed by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy authority. By signing up you agree to have your name, email address, and home institute collected and stored as part of the registration process. This data is required to assess whether you are eligible to be a member of UKNSF and therefore to have access to the members area. Membership will be authenticated and approved by the UKNSF chair or secretary. The data will be kept within a database of UKNSF members. By signing up you also agree to have your name, contact details (email) and affiliation listed on a “members list”, which will only be visible to other authenticated users. The UKNSF chair and secretaries will also use this information to occasionally send relevant notices and information to the UKNSF group. The data will be kept for as long as you wish to be part of UKNSF. You can request, at any time, to be removed from the member list by logging onto your account and selecting “delete account