Dear colleagues,

Despite the unusual times we all are going through,  we hope you had a nice summer and had the possibility to recharge the batteries for the months to come.

Although we all miss in-person meetings, given the instability of the Covid19 situation, we will be hosting the November 2020 JEFF Meetings through video-conferencing only.

Save the date: November 24-27, 2020

We propose to host 4 afternoon sessions (14h-18h), since full-day video-conferencing sessions are tiresome to attend in their entirety and tend to be less efficient.  Here is the draft of the proposed time-table:

Tuesday 24th
JEFF Fusion
Wednesday 25th
Tuesday 26th
JEFF Plenary
Friday 27th
JEFF Co-ordination Group


Best regards

Daniela and Franco


Daniela FOLIGNO, Ph.D.
Jr. Nuclear Data Scientist, Data Bank
Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)
Tel.: +33 (0)1 73 21 28 32